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2011-09-27 20:47:47 by 2-BIT

Dont you just hate it when your working on 3 different things at once and all of them just get deleted from your hard drive? yeah, me too....


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2011-09-27 22:05:11

It never happens to me because whenever I back up important things. And don't stop at one backup. If it's of utmost importance, back it up on several different harddrives. But if it's something small, like a twenty second flash animation of a stickman bopping another stickman, there's no loss.

2-BIT responds:

thanks for the advice. i currently have 2 flash drives in my laptop now. one i was almost done with. it was a short but not a stickfigure. the other WAS a stickman animation called "the sound of war". it featured high quality war sounds with kickass explosions, yet there were just stickfigures fighting. the moral of it was: no matter what war looks like, it always sounds the same. the third lost project was for haloween and i had most of the symbols drawn for it.